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Dandis is a especial recruitment consultancy focused on providing customized talent services for both clients and candidates.
We operate globally, delivering extensive talent solutions to our partners.

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Since our establishment in 2016, we have built a solid reputation over the past eight years as trusted recruiting experts for clients looking for innovative solutions to their recruitment challenges.

Dandis serves as a flexible consultancy, closely collaborating with clients as an integral part of their HR or management teams, providing comprehensive talent services.

We maintain enduring partnerships with global organizations and also stay connected with rapidly expanding startups and internationally successful scaleups.

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Our areas of expertise

Leadership Recruitment
icon Dandis excels at sourcing and placing top-level executive talent for key leadership positions, ensuring our clients are equipped with visionary leaders who can propel their organizations forward.
Talent Acquisition
icon As a leader in recruiting technology-savvy professionals, Dandis stays ahead by linking companies with the brightest individuals in tech and innovation, promoting growth and adaptability in the fast-changing digital world.
Talent Solutions
icon Dandis offers full support to companies looking to expand internationally. We assist in navigating global talent markets and managing cultural differences, guaranteeing a smooth and effective expansion for our clients.
Workforce Inclusion
icon Dedicated to creating diverse and inclusive work environments, Dandis focuses on recruiting talent from a variety of backgrounds. We aim to help clients form teams that represent a wide range of perspectives and experiences, enhancing creativity and innovation.

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Our service Sets


Essential Package
  • Tailored Job Listings: Developing engaging and specific job advertisements to attract a broad range of candidates.
  • Preliminary Candidate Assessment: Conducting initial evaluations of candidate qualifications and their fit with client needs.
  • Basic Interview Management: Arranging and coordinating initial interviews between clients and prospective candidates.


Advanced Package
  • Extensive Talent Acquisition: Conducting a thorough search and recruitment effort to pinpoint candidates with high potential across multiple platforms.
  • Detailed Skill and Cultural Fit Evaluations: Performing in-depth assessments to confirm that candidates meet both the skill criteria and cultural alignment with the client's organization.
  • Customized Recruitment Planning: Creating a bespoke recruitment approach tailored to the client’s unique needs and the current industry dynamics.
  • Enhanced Interview Assistance: Offering extra support in preparing for interviews and in the feedback mechanisms.


Premium Package
  • Executive Recruitment and Targeted Headhunting: Leveraging a broad network and focused strategies to identify and attract senior executives.
  • Priority Access to Elite Talent: Providing privileged access to a handpicked selection of leading industry professionals.
  • Complete Recruitment Process Oversight: Managing all aspects of the recruitment cycle, from the initial search to successful candidate onboarding.
  • In-depth Talent Acquisition Consulting: Offering continuous advice on recruitment strategies, industry trends, and strategic workforce development.

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